I decided to come here in ESM Manila because…

HUNG Hung(VIETNAM) 25, I just graduated in Graphic Design. I wanted to discover more about the Catholic Church, my faith, and my spiritual life. I wanted to learn how to live with other youth from di­fferent countries, diff­erent cultures, di­fferent personalities, and how to accept each of them as who they are. I wanted to share God’s love with the others through my mission and also bring the presence of God to them. I also wanted to discover my vocation, and what His plan for my life is.


LOUIS (FRANCE)Louis 24, I studied consulting in a Business School in Lyon. The teachings were interesting but I was looking for more meaning before starting a career. I decided to come to ESM Manila because I felt a strong desire to know more about my Catholic religion and to live it more intensively. Especially, for several years I have wanted to take care of poor people one way or another. The school proposed to fulfill both aspirations. It was enough for me to send an application!


PAUL (INDIA Paul)24, before coming here, I was working in a newspaper in Chennai. I love mission and spiritual life; and I love my Father, God. I also wanted to grow in holiness and be a better person so I can be able to share my love to others. Lastly, I wanted to know more about who I am and learn many good things for my life.


EMMANUEL (FRANCE) Emmanuel30, as an engineer, I’ve been working for several years as a consultant in an IT company. I decided to come here in ESM Manila because Christ called me to have a more simple life with Him. I have this tremendous desire to grow and to get closer to my roots, my origin, my faith and the source of my life – God, with His mercy and love.


TIN (VIETNAM) tin23, before coming to ESM, I was a freelance artist. I chose to come here because I was attracted by the program of the school, especially the “mission.” I want to do something meaningful in my life.



DeniDENI (INDONESIA) 25, I worked in Jakarta, as a Marketing Associate in an IT company. The reasons why I came at ESM? To go deeper and further in my Catholic faith, to know more about who Jesus is, and to build a strong foundation with God in my heart to face the world.



LiuLONG (CHINA) 26, I’ve been working for six years as a traditional medicine doctor in Beijing. Because of my work environment, I totally lost my faith. I moved to another city and met a someone who is a catholic and a member of Emmanuel Community. To discover why I should become a catholic, with the encouragement of my father, I decided to come to ESM and to build a personal relationship with God.


SaraSARA (EAST TIMOR) 23, I am a fresh Petroleum Engineering graduate. I wanted to know more about God and spend one year just to focus on Him. I wanted to offer and abandon myself to Him. I wanted to deepen my faith as a Christian and I believe that God will transform my attitude – making me more patient, confident, and loving. I believe that God will help me to grow in the right way and He has a good plan for my future life.


HonorineHONORINE (FRANCE) 22, I am a registered nurse. I said to the Lord “I am available” and He called me clearly to detach myself from my daily life – to leave my comfort zone and to serve the poor. My great desire is to follow Christ and put Him at the center of my life. It’s not easy everyday but I remember His call in my prayers and I am sure that ESM Manila is my place, the place He wants me to be in.


ISALINE (FRANCE) Isaline21, I studied Psychology. I felt the need to unify and balance my life in the light of Christ. I realized the dizziness in my life, with the tendency to give an excessive importance to my academic success on the expense of my spiritual and fraternal life. So I thought it was time to learn to live according to my faith, to share and give my time especially and most of all to Christ!


QUYEN (VIETNAM) Quyen24, I’m a Marketing Officer in education publishing. I decided to come here because I wanted to rediscover the love of God. I also wanted to thank Him for everything that He has done for me. Moreover, I would like to learn how to become closer to Him through ESM’s spiritual life, community life, mission and academic formation. I am ready to receive the gifts that God will give me this year.


CSHERINA (PHILIPPINES) Cshe25, as a University of the Philippines graduate, I always have the desire for service; and as an aspiring Values Education teacher, I want to give the best for my students. So, I came to ESM to learn the essentials of my faith and see what the church has to offer in terms of values. I hope to share my learning not only to my students but also to all the persons I’ll encounter.

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