Why am I here now in ESM-Manila?

Mimie Sufianty, 33 (Indonesia)

I am here because God put into my heart the desire to come closer to Him, to really be with Him in these nine months in ESM. I hope I may really experience the true Love of God; learn to fully accept His Love for myself and for others. May I grow in His Love by learning from His loving heart.

Maria Luciana Hew, 19 (Malaysia)

I came to join the ESM in Manila because I have the desire to know more about Jesus Christ, learn more about the Catholic faith, to experience His Love by serving Him and the people around me from other countries, to reach out those in need by proclaiming the word of God and to teach people about the faith. With that, I can bring back the fruits to my brothers and sisters back in my country and share what God has taught me this year. God’s Love is everlasting!

Thao, 30 (Vietnam)

I came to ESM because I want to spend a year closer to God.

I’m expecting that God will touch my heart and mind; and I experience His love for me.

Rachel, 23 (Scotland)

I came to ESM to receive a deeper relationship and understanding of the Church.

What question do I want to be answered by the end of the year? In what area and issues can I grow in and also best serve the Lord.

Gao Meng, 24 (China)

This year I expect to know more about God (the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit) and get closer with Him, to improve myself in lifestyle, to get the fire for evangelization and to know my vocation.

Chinh, 24 (Vietnam)

I came to ESM because I want to meet new friends and do things together with them that will lead me closer to God. I also want to be closer to the poor and show them God’s compassion. I also want to improve my English and know more about the cultures of the different countries.

Wisnu, 25 (Indonesia)

I want to know exactly what is compassion, how to do it and discover its fruits. I also want to know more about the Catholic faith in theory and practice.

JM, 25 (Philippines)

I have my own reasons, but I strongly believe it is because of Jesus why I am here. I am here because of Him and for Him. I am expecting that I will understand more about the mystery of our Catholic faith and the richness of its graces bestowed by Jesus himself, and that my thirst and hunger for God will be satisfied.

Gloria, 22 (D.R. Congo)

I wanted to offer one year of my life to God because I am aware that He had done a lot for me. I also wanted to learn more about Catholic faith and deepen my faith.

Blandine, 21 (France)

I wanted to give this year to God; to thank Him for all that He has done in my life, and to receive the grace to bring His Love to the world. I hope I can understand better the teachings of the Church to be able to share to people who have a lot of questions about it, to learn how to let the Holy Spirit lead me to the right way, and how to deal with people in all kind of needs.

Thuan, 28 (Vietnam)

I came to ESM Manila because I want to be more mature in faith and prayer life. My desire is to give thanks and praise God in my life wherever I am.

Laurent, 31 (Canada)

I came to ESM Manila to learn to be a true lay Catholic man (holy), to discern my vocation, to know God better, to be more intimate with Jesus and be more sensitive to the Holy Spirit, to grow in virtue, and to learn how to evangelize.

Raul, 29 (East Timor)

I came here because God called me—to be closer with Him, to grow in faith, hope, charity and compassion.

Augustin, 21 (France)

I am here to take time to listen to Jesus, especially on how He wants me to follow Him concretely in my life, to discover how to live the faith in my daily life and how to be a faithful witness of Christ. I want to strengthen my prayer life and to discover compassion, since ESM-Manila is a privileged place to live compassion with the community life and the missions in the slums.

Ryan, 25 (Indonesia)

I came to ESM because it is one of the fruits of the prayer by my brothers and sisters in the Emmanuel Community. During my decision making, I always have in my heart this question I believe God is talking to me, “Do you want this opportunity to come closer with Me?” I tried to become simple, just said yes, and learned humbly to obey.

Sutri, 21 (Indonesia)

The very first thing is God wants me to be here. This opportunity is a real gift from Him; to be here in ESM; He chose me out of million people out there. It is amazing for me and at the same time a mystery. Why did God choose me? What are His plans for me? All these questions will be answered. I will only get an answer, if I am in ESM. And that is what I want to pursue this year…

Nicolas, 20 (France)

I chose to come to this ESM because I wanted to have a good formation about the Church, and primarily about Vatican II. Moreover, I know that it is probably the only year that I can consecrate to something else than my studies and job.

After, all will come very quickly.

Inga, 28 (Latvia)

I came to ESM because I want to know more about God, the Catholic Church, community life and for me grow in faith. From this year I want to learn how to live the faith, to be with God everyday and for the rest of my life.

Dung, 23 (Vietnam)

I am here because I want to become stable in Catholic faith before starting a new turning point of my life work. And also through ESM I can improve all the ability that God gave me so that I can serve Him more and better. I want to love Jesus with my mind and with all my heart. I want to know how the real feeling of the thirst for Jesus is.

I am nothing and I have nothing without Him. May God always stay with one another and teach me how to love more and more!

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