Why I choose ESM as God’s Love Project for me this year?

God called me here, comparing myself to a tree: I need to enroot my faith in Him to resist even the “typhoon” when it comes to my life. — Maria, Slovakia

I desire to know God in a deeper and more personal way so I have come to ESM Manila; to encounter who God truly is through the life of the school. I hope to better understand how I can live my life according to God’s will and return home to my country as a witness to Christ. — Frances, England

I choose ESM-Manila for this year because I want to deepen my faith, to know more about God and how much he has loved me. It’s also an opportunity for me to live my daily life faithfully, to improve my poor English and to determine my future through praying. — Huy, Vietnam

Word cannot express how much joy I have received here in ESM- Manila. Living with international friends is difficult but if you entrust your life into God’s hand, everything is easy and possible. Being “up” and “down” in God’s love is the most wonderful experience that I have had in my life. — Thao, Vietnam

Actually I’m here in order to discover the Church and Her wealth. I needed to know who is God I am following and to hear the truth and to discover what a human being is. — Celeste, France

Thanks God I am here. I want to have an encounter with Jesus. I want to discover God and myself, so that I can find the way of my life. — Yun, China

I say yes to ESM-Manila this year because I want to discover how great God love is and how can I love him in return with my own richness. It’s also a chance to have an intimate relationship with Him so that I can take part of his holiness in this year of faith. — Janine, Philippines

Sincerely, I don’t know why, I could have gone to any other ESM, but God called me to Manila. I answered “Yes,” and here I am. It was not easy to leave Brazil, my friends, my family and my job but what God gives me here more than makes up for it. The most important thing I have is that God Loves me in every moment. Big-HUGS. — Everton, Brazil

To be a good man! — Luong, Vietnam

Sometimes I feel my life is too noisy. So I thought if I come here in ESM maybe I can change my life with activities that I haven’t did before: get more silence, to slow down, and to love and to forgive others. — Linh, Vietnam

To grow in holiness, I should discover myself first, after that, get more experience with others from daily life & missions. This is my answer for the call of God: “Here I am Lord”. — Angela, Indonesia

I decided to participate on this beautiful adventure, ESM-Manila, to build myself in God, to follow him on the Road to holiness and to live a community life in the respect of my brothers and sisters. — Claire, France

I decided to go ESM because I want to get out of my comfort zone. Being in ESM would be a challenge for me to be more responsible to my life; and I also want to go deeper in my relationship with God through spiritual life and mission. — Robert, Indonesia

I came here to discover myself “who am I?”, to have a deeper relationship with God, and to build a foundation for my faith. — Tuyen, Vietnam

I am here in ESM-Manila in order to grow in faith and to empower the manner of being in mission through the world, to help others at the end, to grow also in faith t God. — Jean Claude, Burundi

I came here to put my life into the Savior’s hand. I want to change my life. –- MaXin, China

Sometimes the best plan is no plan because God’s plans are never wrong: My venturing to this place so far from home was not my plan, but the plan of God himself as much as I came here willingly and happy to be here with no regrets at all. God has a purpose for us all and his love project is forever ongoing. I’ve come here to learn, to discover and to share experiences; to lend a hand; and to face obstacles, challenges, joys, sorrows; and to receive fruits that come with being a follower of Christ. — Albert, South-Africa

I was hopeless during my military training so I decided to go to ESM to know more about the Catholic faith. In this time, I am far away with GOD. — Yao, Taiwan

I am here in ESM because I want to deepen my faith in God, and to study the Catholic faith. I would like to stand with full of courage and proudly say that “I’ am a Catholic” — James, Philippines