Why I chose ESM Manila this year?

I hope that this year will be a great adventure with God and new friends. I’m also expecting answers to my questions about myself and to my God, at least to few of them. — Yanush, Poland

I feel Jesus enter into my heart, He speaks to me; lives in me, and leads me in peace. — Li Jing, China

Why I’m here? To have good relation with God, and to discover Him and myself. My expectations: After this year, I can live in God’s way and when someone sees me, they see God within me. — Angel, Indonesia

I’m here because of God’s purpose and I think ESM will help me to discover that purpose. I believe that this year is going to be a good starting point of my new journey and a good fellowship with God and with others. — Joy, Philippines

I wanted to take time to be with God to pray and give Him my life. I felt like needing to know the church to feel that I can be a part of it and announce God! And I know now that God called me here is also to learn about charity. — MadSoph, France

Change myself, not only my daily life, but also my community life, to help others to know God and go deeper in faith. — Mei Ru, China

Thank you God for choosing me to be part of ESM-Manila. This year will change me a lot, to be closer to God and to be united with all my brothers and sisters. I know he is guiding me to his way step by step. — Zhi Gang, China

I am here because I want to go deeper with Jesus and grow in community life. I want to learn how to be humble and to be witness for others. — Ngan, Vietnam

It is always good to meet and to go along with fellow “travelers”. Thank God, for Jesus the way, for Holy Spirit who guides our steps. — Primus, Indonesia

“The spirit of the night, is the faith itself”. I want to know God’s will for me and through these nine months, hopefully cross over the mountain of dark night. And also form my missionary skills with all my friends in ESM-Manila. — XiaoXiao, China

Like a seed that needs soil to grow and bear fruits, so do I when coming here, willing to be formed and transformed through prayers, works of charity and sharing of oneself. May this year be truly a year of growth in faith, hope and love for me. — Joefrey, Philippines

I want to learn how to receive and give easily. This year is an opportunity for me to study and grow with Jesus and also it is God’s gift for me to be guided and walk in freedom. I believe He will show me what I should do in the future. — Tram, Vietnam

Thank you, Lord for offering me the chance to study here. I’d like to save this year as a moment of waiting for and meeting Him individually, to stay deeply in His love, to be changed by Him; and know his plan for me. O Lord, please change me as you want. — Dai, Vietnam

I know that through attending ESM I would grow in a way that would be different to how I would grow in my normal everyday life. Through the daily routine of prayer, catechesis and relationship with others, I know I will be nourished and grow with others. I was drawn especially to the outreach component, knowing that I will be able to work closely with those in need. — Oliver, Australia

It is a great joy when I live with Jesus. I can feel real peace in my heart! — Kai, China