‘For all your wonders o Lord, my soul gives you praise!’
I really give thanks for this great time spent in ESM Manila, a 9 months blessed journey in my Christian path. This fraternal and spiritual journey has led me to realize the very meaning and need of evangelization. I now want to remain aware of it in my daily life, within the Holy Spirit. — Claire, France

God always guides me, when I got lost.
God always gives me help, when I needed.
God always makes me happy when I’m sad.
God always gives me all his love in my whole life.
In God’s charity everything is possible. — MengGe, China

For me, this year is really a grace from God; it made me stronger in my faith. Especially, the teachings help me to understand and discover more about my life and to be more free. Adoration helped me to live deeper my relationship with God, helped me to have the vision of everything with my faith, to be more confident and to live fully with all what I am. — Cuong, Vietnam

This year in ESM Manila opened my mind to the reality of the Church and of the world, far from my overprotected situation in my country. Confronted to deeper issues, I strengthened a lot my knowledge of God, my faith – through a better understanding –, my personal relation to Christ. It will remain a year of foundation on which I will rely everyday to keep on going on the path to holiness, trying day by day to love better God and my neighbor (cf. 1 Jn 4: 19-21). — Etienne, France

“Poor” is the only word I could say what I got this year. The more closer with God, the more I discovered that my heart so poor to receive His Love, and my mind so poor to understand Him. How great it is when God loves me as who I am, He accepted my whole being unconditionally in spite of my weakness, my mistakes, my sins. Now, my only desire is “to bring God to the others, to spread out my Hope in life, evangelize especially for the youth”; In my heart, I just want to say “Yes, Lord! Let me be your instrument, and, let Your will be done today!” All is Yours! Amen. — Nga, Vietnam

With the grace of the Lord, I experienced a peaceful life and a deep love of brotherhood and sisterhood. I learned to give thanks to the Lord in everything, even in difficulties. God is never absent in my life and never stop to think about each one of us. I also learned to take courage to face all what I had experienced and really to have an act of faith. I am ready to share the love I received wherever I go! — Fang Fang, China

As the potter makes a vessel, when the vessel he has made come out wrong, as may happen with the clay, he will begin again and shapes it into another vessel, as he thought fit. That happens to me during this year, I know that God wants to shape me through many things around me; from the teaching, mission, compassion activities, conflict with brothers and sisters, etc. The struggles that I have, made me realize that I have to rely not on my strength but God. That teaches me how to be humble and I’m still learning. I hope I will never forget what I’ve learnt here, in ESM, and I can apply it in my daily life after school ends. — Hesty, Indonesia

I have learned how to rely on God not on my own strength; it’s much easier, because nothing is impossible for him! I discover how weak I am alone but how strong I am with Him. I have also learned that God loves me unconditionally and always forgive me even if I don’t deserve it and so I have to love my brothers the same way.
So after the school I hope I will always look at Him first and share the real joy that He gives to me. — Jen, France

This year, by giving myself, I received all the weapons that I need for my daily Christian mission. I indeed learned to carry the truth and righteousness. Everything that I received this year nourished my eagerness to spread the gospel of peace. Truly I decided to live in the light of hope, faith and charity in a concrete way. To help me to this goal, here and now, is Mary. “I choose you to be my Mother and my Queen.” — Luco, France

God always show me the way and I am amazed, especially in the most difficult time of my life. How good He is, even when I don’t feel worthy, He still loving me, forgiving me and waiting for me. God makes me know that I am precious to Him. — DaiLu, China

This year is a chance for me to experience how much God loves me and to learn how to love others. I discovered that when I give myself totally, I receive more than that. I have a desire to continue what I have learned in ESM in my whole life. I want to bring my joy, peace and love to whomever I met in my life. Amen. — Ly, Vietnam

In ESM, I am touched by what I have learned in this year. Here, God renewed and changed me in my Christian life and leads me to embrace God completely. It strengthens my faith, hope and love. And at same time, I have learned how to pray and communicate with God. Now it is better than before, how to love and forgive others which I received as the best gift from God. He let me go further and deep with confidence in him. Thank you my Lord, I love you. — WenBin, China

In ESM Manila, I learned how to live the gift of myself through that I discovered my limitation in stronger way so that I can accept it and forgive myself and others. More than that I can attend mass and adoration everyday– I became closer to God. I faced with big struggles and difficulties in prayer life but I understood how big the Love of God for me. Now, I hope after this year I can share this love in my work, my family and everybody I’ll encounter in my life. — Truong, Vietnam

It’s a wonderful experience, through the community life, fraternal love with other students, missions and teachings in ESM. I learned to be humble in my heart and my mind, always have hope and trust in God, give thanks for every grace, do small things with big heart, and open my heart to work with the Holy Spirit. But it will not finish here; I still have to discover more after this year, to live in God’s love and to do His will. — Yoanna, Indonesia

I learned what was the real meaning of “trust”, to discover who is Jesus for me, and God is love. In my future I just want to be with him and walk with him. “He is alive!” — YuPing, China

Life in ESM is not easy, but it is a grace for me. Every day is a new day, and I am sure that my brothers and sisters supported me in their prayers. “Man live to make another people alive.” — Leon, Indonesia

Through the months that I stayed here in ESM, I discovered how God prepares me in some situations in my life and to decide to give charity and be happy, to give the smile to everyone. “We can be a new person everyday giving and practicing charity.” — Aldwin, Philippines