I experienced to live in the presence of Jesus, and love of mother Mary in difficulties or joyful moments in my day to day life. Praise be to God! — Edward, India

I discovered myself, my dignity and mission as a member of Church. For so I am ready to participate actively in this urgent need of evangelization! Here I am Lord I have come to do your will. — Victor, Rwanda

I discovered how to live in presence of the Lord in every single moment of my life and how to trust him in everything what is next. This makes me amazed by seeing God in action and be fulfilled by hope to see it tomorrow. Never ending story! — Zuzanna, Poland

To be in ESM, I can experience the love of God, brothers and sisters. This love make me grow in real freedom. — Gunawan, Indonesia

It’s a life changing experience! I made the experience of deep encounter with the Lord. — Erna, Indonesia

Led by Him, I find my new life. — Jing Zhi, China

Through the teachings, praise, adoration and mass every day help me to discover more the love of God. I really felt Jesus is with me as the name of our school “Emmanuel School of Mission.” — Toan, Vietnam

For me, ESM is a school of love: you come through prayer in the
Heart of Jesus to live in His presence, in the community life, and to bring Him in the world. Praise be to you Jesus! — Violaine, France

A journey with and in God, and a community that leads me to the true path of life and light.
Being sent on mission while being in communion with the Trinity. Salamat sa Diyos! — Jeffrey, Philippines

The peace of prayers strengthening me to go further with the Father. — Tao-Tao, China

Here, we understood how to love better and we learnt how to share with others. — Jia Jie, China

This year was really extraordinary for me! I received many gifts and graces from the Lord! What touched me the most was the strong unity among us ( brothers and sisters ) rooted on a deep communion in and with Christ. — Marie, France

With brothers and sisters from different parts of the world, I lived great faith and I shared joy. — Jian Jun, China

This year is great joy and blessing for me. From community life with brothers and sisters, they help me to know more my faith. — Aderito, East Timor

ESM is a creative formation that challenges my honesty and senses to be renewed every day, with the grace of true love for a hopeful end. — Beatrix, Indonesia

In ESM I learnt how to deepen my faith and how to talk about God’s love with others. — Nho, Vietnam

It helps me to encounter God’s presence lively in my life and to know myself clearer. And it’s a rich concrete foundation for me to follow him in the future. — Yen, Vietnam

The greatest thing I learnt from the compassion activity. It seems that I helped them but it is me who received a lot. I have to thank God and my parents because I received many things since I was born. — Thu, Vietnam

This year helped me growing up in spiritual and human aspect, to build my relationships and my own family. — Duc, Vietnam

For a baby Catholic like me, ESM Manila is a warm cradle. I couldn’t thank God enough for a opportunity to study here. — Nian, China