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Here, students of batch #7 present chosen moments of their 2015-2016 journey at ESM. Meet them and discover how they decided to come to Manila. Listen to them. They speak about the meaning of mission, the joy of serving, their encounter with the Lord, living together during 9 months. They tell about finding out their real talents, developing valuable skills, getting to know oneself better. They share about knowledge and their favorite subjects. Also about their taste for adventure and their experience of new cultures. They marvel at some transformation they already see in themselves.

Of course, this is only a glimpse of ESM. But if this speaks to you, maybe ESM is for you, too… Or for somebody you care for? Do not wait, inquire now!

Introducing batch #7

The meaning of mission

The joy of serving

9 months to encounter God

Life together in the Year of Mercy

Valuable skills and talents for life after ESM

Studies and new understandings

It is also about adventure and international friends

Me, before … and after.


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