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The Four Pillar structure


    Theological and Intellectual Formation
  • A solid foundation and understanding of the Catholic Faith rooted in the Word of God
  • Giving tools to reflect on the most important questions of our time
  • Applied to dialogue and encounter with people of all religions and beliefs
  • A dynamic pedagogy including seminars and presentations, personal and guided study, exchange with people on the street
  • Allowing real personal development and a maturing of Faith
    Spiritual Formation
  • Grow in personal and community prayer
  • Discover the deep dynamism of Liturgy and the power of the Sacraments
  • Put daily Eucharist and Adoration at the core of your life
  • Integrate silence in your life
  • Retreats and pilgrimages
  • Experience the living Word of God
  • Learn to be attentive to the action of the Holy Spirit and to God's will
  • Share with students of different culture
  • Learn to live for others, go from theory to practice
  • Learn to accept yourself and the Mercy of God
  • Benefit from personal support and companionship


Study for a deep foundation in faith
    Holy Scripture
  • The Bible and Divine Revelation
  • Introduction to Old and New Testaments
  • Study of particular books from the Bible
    Dogmatic and Theology
  • Creation, Incarnation, Redemption, the Holy Spirit
  • The Church, Mary, Communion of Saints, Eschatology
  • The Sacraments
  • Introduction to the Liturgy
  • The Liturgical Seasons
  • Practical training
    Life and Society
  • Theological Anthropology
  • Fundamental Ethics
  • Theology of the Body
  • Natural Family Planning
  • Understanding Bio-Ethics
  • Catholic Social Thought
    History of the Church
  • Panorama of Church History
  • History of the Church in Asia
  • Christian Art
    Pastoral Theology
  • Theology of Evangelization
  • Spirituality of Evangelization
  • Evangelization in a non-Christian and Asian context: inculturation, dialogue, ...
  • Methodology and Practical Formation
  • Faith and Reason
    World Religions and Ecumenism
  • Christian Denominations
  • The Mystery of Israel
  • Islam
  • Buddhism
  • Hinduism
  • Taoism
  • Paganism and New Age
    Formation of the Person
  • Understanding the Human Person
  • How to grow in freedom
  • The specific vocation of man and woman
  • Learning to listen
  • Prayer
  • The Holy Spirit in Christian life
  • Living with the Word of God
  • Spirituality of the Saints
  • Living Compassion
  • The Identity and Mission of the Laity
  • Priesthood and Consecrated Life
  • Media and Mission
  • Acting session
  • More than 30 lecturers from the Philippines and abroad


A formation resolutely turned towards mission
    Pastoral Formation
  • pastoral experience on the ground
  • school, university & parish outreach
  • service of compassion
  • missions in Manila and in the Philippines
  • more than 40 days on mission
    How to Evangelize in Today's Multi-cultural Context
  • Reflect on religious freedom, inculturation, inter-religious dialogue, and ecumenism
  • Communicate the Gospel to young people, children, adults, believers and non-believers
  • Participate in local, national or international youth events
    Develop Your Skills
  • Singing, music, guitar class, liturgical services
  • Creativity, drama, musicals
  • Communication


  • A full-time residential community life.
  • Staying together with up to 20 students from all continents and walks of life for nine months, starting on the first week of September to the end of May, the next year.

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