The school year for the Fourth Batch (2012-2013) has officially ended last 25th May 2013 with a Graduation Evening celebration held in the ESM-Manila residence in New Manila, Quezon City. Family members, friends, former ESM students, and brothers and sisters in the Emmanuel Community came to witness and took part on this remarkable event for this year’s students and team members. The celebration of the Holy Eucharist served as the thanksgiving and at the same time the sending-off to students as they go back to their own life setting.Graduation Evening in the garden

“I realized that now is the end of the pilgrimage in Manila, and it’s time to come back to my own country. There I want to put in practice all that I have received here in ESM.” said Everton, ESM-Manila graduate student from Brazil. “..This time I confirmed ‘How great is our God’ for His love and mercy that He gave to me [and each of us] this year,”  He added.

The distribution of certificates and a frame with Mustard seeds (from the Holy Land) in it marked the seal that the nineteen (19) students from 11 countries around the world has finished the ESM-Manila program 2012-2013.DSCF3196.1

We would like to thank you for being part of God’s Love Project! The mission continues!

Let us continue to carry one another in prayers!

Moving forward to the start of the new Batch, 2013-2014!



DSCF3169.1     DSCF3152.1     DSCF3287.1     DSCF3217      Batch 4     with the Emmanuel Community Members     with Family and Friends     with the Team

The Graduation Evening 2013

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