Lectio, RobertThe students of ESM-Manila just had a Lectio Divina Retreat at the Bethlehem House of Prayer-FMIJ in Tagaytay City, from 12th to 19th of May 2013. It was a week, primarily, of spiritual reading of the Holy Scripture (Bible), having an attitude of silence, prayer, and openness of mind and heart to be illumined by the Holy Spirit and the Word itself. The retreat has been facilitated by Fr. Pierre, the Chaplain of the ESM- Manila, with Jeff, also member of the team. Lectio Divina1

That will be the last retreat for this batch as we approach the end of the school year this coming weekend (25th May). May you continue to accompany these young adults in their journey being witnesses and missionaries of faith, hope and love in their own life setting.


…Indeed, it is the Word of God which guides believers, through the action of the Holy Spirit, towards all truth (cf. Jn 16:13).

Among the many fruits of this biblical springtime I would like to mention the spread of the ancient practice of Lectio Divina or “spiritual reading” of Sacred Scripture. It consists in pouring over a biblical text for some time, reading it and rereading it, as it were, “ruminating” on it as the Fathers say and squeezing from it, so to speak, all its “juice”, so that it may nourish meditation and contemplation and, like water, succeed in irrigating life itself.

(His Holiness Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI, excerpt from the Angelus, 6th November 2005 at St. Peter’s Square)


ESM-Manila on Lectio Divina

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